Concrete Products, INC.
Serving Festus, South St. Louis
Jefferson, St. Francis, and St. Geneveve Counties
You Want It, Wil-Mix It!

Concrete Supplier in Jefferson County, MO and Surrounding Areas

Wil-Mix Concrete Products, INC. is your trusted company that specializes in providing ready-mix concrete products to customers in Festus, MO and surrounding areas. Since 1992, we have been offering out services to both residential and commercial clients. Our skilled experts will provide personal attention to each detail of your job, consulting with you to assist in choosing the right concrete mix for your project's special needs. Aside from our concrete products, we also have supplies you need, including rebar, fiber mesh, z-strip, expansion joints, colored concrete, sand, gravel and more. Additionally, these materials can be delivered to you. Call us today to find out more!


Are you working on a small home project? Are you a business owner or contractor building/remodeling a commercial building? We have the concrete that you need in a variety of styles and colors!


When you are working on a project that requires concrete, there are often a variety of other supplies needed to complete the job. At Wil-Mix Concrete, we carry your rebar, concrete supplies, and everything else needed for you to complete your project.


Aside from our concrete and concrete supplies, we can also haul materials needed to your jobsite. We haul sand, gravel, topsoil, rock and more to residential and commercial sites. Delivery hours may vary, so please call us for more information.